Yet another tldr-pages web client.


Oh hi, I'm Nix. I often write some blogs under my name, and this repo website is unrelated, but somewhat related, to that.

This website is dedicated to the tldr-pages project, which now Reinhart has become one of the maintainers. Speaking of the project, many of their clients are lacking something which we definitely need here in Indonesia and are proud at here: support for multiple languages!

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Shameless Plug

This website is powered by HAM which serves as a Jekyll base to generate static wiki pages like this.

This repo, in fact, is also currently being used to check for issues within HAM and to improve the overall stability and performance of HAM.

By the way, it's a coincident that one of the Reinhart's robots, Nix, has something in common with the official tldr-pages logo. Meanwhile, here's a picture of me and my friends!

Shiftine Nix Mallory

Credits and Licenses

HAM is open source, released under the MIT License, and depends on a bunch of other components which were released under the exact same license.

Meanwhile, documentations found under the tldr-pages project are licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License (CC-BY 4.0), and we're using several scripts from the project which are also licensed under MIT License.

Finally, we have to admit that we're stealing data from another website namely tldri18n generated by a specific tool made by the site's creator. Both are also released under MIT License.